World’s Shortest Escalator

The world’s shortest escalator is located in the basement of More’s Department Store in Kawasaki, Japan. The escalator has a modest rise of 32.8 inches and has only five steps.

This short escalator has become a real attraction and it brings lots of tourists and visitors to the shopping store. Video recommends not to miss this glorious experience – “If you’re ever in the area, please check it out! It’s really worth your time.”

The funniest part of the world’s shortest escalator is that it goes down and not up, and there’s still another set of stairs you have to descent immediately afterwards in order to get to the parking garage.

A statement from 1989 in which it was recognized as the world’s shortest escalator by the Guinness Book of Records couldn’t be confirmed. The official Guiness World Records website did not retrieve any information for world’s shortest escalator.

Despite that, this unusual and maybe the most useless escalator still draws attention from people from all over the world.

World's Shortest Escalator - Well that escalated quickly - Funny pictures

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