The Hangover – Trivia and Funny Quotes

The Hangover is a Las Vegas-set comedy from 2009, the first movie of The Hangover franchise, co-produced and directed by Todd Phillips and written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore.

The Hangover - Trivia and Funny Quotes

Main characters are played by Bradley Cooper (Phil), Ed Helms (Stu), Zach Galifianakis (Alan), Heather Graham (Jade),Justin Bartha (Doug), and Jeffrey Tambor (Sid).

The Hangover is a story of Phil Wenneck, Stu Price and Alan Garner, who travel to Las Vegas for a bachelor party to celebrate their friend Doug Billings’ impending marriage with the wealthy Tracy Garner. They rent the best suite in the Caesar’s Palace and they go to the roof to celebrate. Alan proposes a toast to Doug and they drink his booze. On the next morning, Phil, Stu and Alan have a hangover and no memory of the previous night’s events. Doug is missing. Stu has a missing tooth. Their room is a complete mess. There’s a baby in the wardrobe a tiger in the bedroom and a chicken in the room. They try to track down last night to find what happened so they can find Doug before the wedding can take place.

The Hangover Trivia

No effects or prosthetics were created for Stu’s missing tooth. Actor Ed Helms never had an adult incisor grow, and his fake incisor was taken out for the parts of filming where Stu’s tooth is missing.

Lindsay Lohan was offered the part of the stripper, Jade, but turned it down. She did not like the script and thought the movie would bomb. Heather Graham was given the role instead. Lohan later admitted to regretting the decision.

In real life, Mike Tyson owns seven tigers.

In the scene where the cop car pulls up in front of Ceasars Palace, two real employees are actually having an argument in the background about the filming of the movie.

Bradley Cooper told audiences at Toronto while giving a speech that the people in Las Vegas didn’t even notice that a movie was being filmed. Even though he had tiger scratchs on his neck, all bloody and stuff, and Justin Bartha was beet red, nobody even noticed or even stopped to get a look.

Plans for a sequel (which became The Hangover Part II) had already been made before this film was even in theaters.

Famous Quotes

Sid Garner: What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas… …except herpes. That shit will come back with you.

Phil Wenneck: To a night the four of us will never forget!

Stu Price: Why don’t we remember a God damn thing from last night?
Phil Wenneck: Obviously because we had a great fucking time.

Mr. Chow: It’s funny because he’s fat!

Stu Price: You are a fucking moron!
Alan Garner: Your language is offensive.
Stu Price: Fuck you!

Mr. Chow: So long, gay boys!

Mike Tyson: This is my favorite part coming up right now.

Phil Wenneck: Best little chapel, you know where that is?
Doctor: I do, its at the corner of get a map and fuck off.

Stu Price: I lost a tooth! I married a whore!

Doug Billings: At least our trip wasn’t a total loss.
Alan Garner: Why do you say that?
Doug Billings: While I was stuck on the roof I found about 80,000 dollars worth of Bellagio chips in my pocket. Looks like we’re heading home with some money, boys!

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